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How to verify a Demfati Ticket

Tickets are event-locked, meaning only tickets associated with the event can be scanned by the... Read more

How to buy tickets on Demfati

There are 3 unique ways to purchase a ticket from Demfati.You can purchase from:Demfati WebsiteWhatsAppTelegramUsing... Read more

What currency does Demfati accept in it's transactions

Demfati facilitates transactions in USD (Dollars), NGN (Naira), and GHS (Ghana Cedis).When receiving payments in... Read more

How to add an event to Demfati Tickets

How to add an event to Demfati Tickets.This guide is for those who are new... Read more

What's the fee for recieving payment to my account?

The fee for receiving payments to your account with Demfati consists of a 6% transaction... Read more

How does Demfati Vote work

Demfati Votes Read more

How does Demfati Form work

To utilize Demfati Form, follow these steps:1. Sign in successfully and navigate to https://forms.demfati.com/ to... Read more

Can I have more than one Demfati account

You can only have 1 profile per email used on Demfati.You can either be in... Read more

Is Demfati owned by a bank

Demfati is a standalone brand and is not owned by or in association with any... Read more

How long does it take for a transfer to reflect in my Account

Depending on your bank network, it should take approximately 5 minutes for a transaction to... Read more

How long does it take to be Verified

Account verification can take a couple of days.This is to allow us make certain that... Read more

Is Demfati Secure

Amongst other services, Demfati provides secure online automated voting, ticketing for events, and free or... Read more